Digital Duratrans

Digital Duratrans

Lets talk about the wonders of Duratrans

So first off the name duratran is short for Durable Transparency. It’s a brandname from imaging giants Kodak which we now use as a generic term for backlit display materials.

We use Duratrans for large format, full-color display of photographic content. It has to be on a controlled, backlit environment, like a bus 6 sheet adshel. When the light hits the image, Duratran material diffuses the light evenly throughout the entire canvas. Compare this to paper material where, when the light hits it, there is no dispersion and therefore reduced impact.

Take a look at one we did for Panadol and how well it stands out of the environment on a cold winter’s morning.

panadol duratran adshel

It’s printed on our highest resolution machine, the M:Press Leopard, to give it the maximum enhanced quality possible!

So why use Duratrans rather than other cheaper material?

Duratrans have obvious benefits of allowing the light to pass through and disperse evenly, thereby cleverly illuminating the graphic display.
However there’s even more reasons why the resulting quality is better (look out, we’re about to get nerdy!  )

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  1. Better resolution – The Duratrans imaging process yields an effective digital resolution of up to 1200 dpi, as compared to maximums of 300 to 1200 dpi in alternative processes. This allows for greater detail, crisper edges, and truer solid colors.
  2. Dot Size – The pixel size of Duratrans imaging process is variable, similar to stochastic screening. This results in smoother color transitions within photographic artwork.
  3. Saturation – Color rendering with Duratrans has significantly higher potential saturation and depth, than do other solutions.
  4. Opacity – The opacity (ability to block transmissive light) of black colors in artwork is noticeably higher with Duratrans, resulting in crisper, sharper images that contain black elements and/or shadows.
  5. Color Life – Life expectancy of colors under UV exposure is higher for Duratrans than for dye-based and most pigment-based inkjet processes.

Ok, but what does this actually mean? Well your graphics are going to look a whole lot better with a bit of Duratran magic. Take a look at the below comparison of the Panadol Adshel on paper versus Duratran material. You can see why they picked the latter!