Channel Letters

Channel Letters

How do customers identify your business? The most common type and one of the most impactful exterior business signage is channel letters. Channel letters are customizable letters, often found on storefronts, strip malls, public buildings and offices. They help a business promote their brand and provide brand awareness from a distance. It’s like a billboard for your brand!

Your channel letters can be a color, shape, size, and material to best compliment your business, and you can trust the experts at Fastpro Signs to customize yours! There are even illuminated channel letter options such as neon or LED, helping your customers locate your business no matter what time of day.

The benefits of channel letters include:

  1. Little maintenance
  2. Designed to last for years
  3. Customizable to your business
  4. Provide visibility to your business

Fastpro Signs is ready to help your business get noticed! Use channel letters to grow your business.